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Tailor-Made Workshops to Build Grant Fundraising Capacity


There are many proposal-writing workshops out there, and while they can be helpful, it’s not always easy for organizations -- especially those new to fundraising -- to apply what they’ve learned to their specific context, or get feedback on whether they’re getting it right. Plus, successful foundation fundraising is about so much more than the proposal.

That's why we've put together this tailored workshop offering for grantmakers and networks that want to build the fundraising capacity of their grantees or members. 


Here's What It Entails

  • Intensive in-person one, two or three day workshops for 10-50 participants;
  • Realistic case-driven content that is both relevant and meaningful for your audience
  • Group work enhances learning and builds cohesion between you and your partner agencies (and new applicants)
  • Covers entire grant process from prospecting to proposal development to grant implementation
  • Specifically targets common proposal problem areas for improvement, e.g.,
    • Logic models/ Theories of Change
    • Problem statement definition
    • Work planning, budgeting and more


Customize Your Workshop Topics

We'll work with you to ensure the workshop covers material that addresses needs and advances your goals. Topics may include:

  • Introduction to the art and importance of good proposal writing
  • Basic principles and structure of good proposals, including budgeting
  • Introduction to logframes, and planning ahead for monitoring and evaluation
  • Building a compelling story about your organization and your program impact
  • Funder prospecting and outreach
  • Strategies for effective and authentic relationship-building
  • Field-specific key trends, concepts, and giving patterns
  • Successful grant management


How Your Nonprofit Partners Benefit

Participants will leave the workshop with greater confidence in their ability to:

  • Identify and cultivate potential funders
  • Understand funder trends, buzzwords and key concepts
  • Prepare better proposals and presentations
  • Prepare improved
  • Needs statements
  • Logical frameworks and theories of change
  • Work plans, Gantt charts, budgets and more


How Your Foundation or Network Benefits

You'll benefit too. Expect to:

  • Receive better proposals, fund better programs
  • Deliver better outcomes
  • Increase community sustainability and revenue potential
  • Improve interagency relationships and potential for collaboration


What Makes This Workshop Different

It’s customized. We design trainings in collaboration with you, taking into consideration the work you do, your goals, and what expertise and knowledge or skills gaps exist in the group.

It’s grounded and experiential. This is no all-day lecture. We use case studies specific to your field, and a variety of teaching styles, including hands-on group and individual exercises, to help concepts land and support people across learning styles. 

It doesn’t have to end when the workshop does. We offer add-on coaching packages so your nonprofit network can get feedback and support on real proposals and fundraising questions as they arise.


For more information, including packages and pricing:

Kate Dunham