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Make It Crystal Clear Your Zero-Tolerance Harassment Policy Applies to Donors, Too.

65% of harassment cases reported by fundraisers are donor-related, according to the new Chronicle of Philanthropy/Association of Professional Fundraisers poll conducted by Harris.

The vast majority of these incidents involved individual donors or prospects (as opposed to company or foundation employees), and more than 95% of the time involved men harassing women who were junior to them. In addition, 35% of those reporting said that a board member was involved in at least one incident.

The power dynamics are clear. Men with resources and power are harassing women fundraisers, who are at a serious disadvantage, especially if they are young.

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Are You Tracking What Matters?

When it comes to assessing our work, very often we’re only tracking things such as how many people participated in our programs, and not what happened as a result of that participation. And if we’re not tracking those results then we have no way of knowing whether we’re actually making progress toward our big, ambitious, long-term goals. To do that, we need to track outcomes.

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Let's Have a Candid Conversation About Your Fundraising Ops Shop

You're in your job to make it rain money, so quite rightly you're focused on relationships and not on development operations.  

If you're in a medium-sized shop, you have an operations manager or director overseeing the use of fundraising technology and policy. Maybe they do some of your analytics, too.  Really...they're just doing your data entry and acknowledgments, right? If you're in a small shop, goodness, you and your team try to get to it, but it isn't a huge priority because it's hard enough just to meet budget, much less getting those "thank yous" out the door in a timely way.

We get that. Been there, done that. And yet, this could be your Achilles heel...

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FundraisingDavid Reis
Thanks and Reflections on 2017

This has been a tough year, in many ways, for a lot of causes. Whether you’re working on healthcare access, or immigration, or girls empowerment, or supporting refugees, or ensuring veterans get their benefits, the current political climate has made the work harder. When every day is a fight, it can feel impossible to take time to envision and plan for the future we want, or to reflect on what’s working and what’s not, or to put in the elbow grease to resource and sustain our efforts over the long-term.

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Kate Dunham
The Case for Developing an Annual Fundraising Case

Most of the professionals we talk with usually think of case statements in a capital campaign context. But what about when you’re not contemplating a capital campaign? Although it is less common, it’s also very much worth investing in a fundraising case statement for your annual program--one designed to lay out what you're doing this year and over the next couple of years, too.

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The Five-Fold Path to Living in Harmony: Program and Fundraising, Perfect Together

It’s no secret that high-functioning causes thrive when program and fundraising staff work well together. Neither is it a secret that very often they don't work well together, or don't work together at all. What is surprising to us, though, is how often this tension is left unmanaged, or assumed to be a feature and not a bug of nonprofit culture. 

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Forward Motion Strategies LLC, a new social enterprise dedicated to improving the impact and sustainability of social change organizations.

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