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Thanks and Thoughts on 2018

Sometimes we’re asked why we do this.

With the news we see everyday, hope seems elusive. What do we do in face of injustice, economic uncertainty for so many, and a planet ravaged by human excess?

On reflection, it’s simple enough. We encounter momentary discouragement, we pause and remind ourselves to have a little faith, for it turns out that hope is an action. Just as love is an action, so too with hope.

As Stephen King said, “hope is a good thing, and maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

This is what we do. We act on our hope for a better world, and in our own way, we help create the world we wish to see. In our case, we focus on enabling nonprofit leaders to extend the impact of their organizations, whether it’s by improving their leadership, retooling a program, strategic planning, improving operational capacity or building better fundraising programs—all of this is our own version of "leveraging and scaling for impact", also known as achieving social change.

That’s why we’re grateful to be doing this work, and to be supporting you in your efforts to improve your communities and our world. Thank you for everything you do, for you give us hope.

We look forward to continuing our work alongside you. And to all, we extend our best wishes for the new year!

David Reis